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Happy New Year Everyone,

Hopefully some of the New Years Resolutions are sticking. It’s been a while since we last updated you all on the process.  We crammed to get all our documents and paperwork in before the holidays, and we almost did.  We were late by just 1 day, so we had to wait until mid-January to hear back from our agency.  We hear from them this last week and we are officially active!  This means that our profile will now be seen by potential birth mothers.  The hard part is over – well kind of.  This feels like a huge, momentary sigh of relief.  We started the process about 4 months ago on what we hoped to finish in 1 month (yes, we are both fairly ambitious).

This last month we were forced to take some time to slow down and celebrate because the agency was closed for the holidays. This time became a blessing – like hitting the pause button on a stressful movie.  We didn’t realize how fast we were moving and how stressed out we had become with this process.  The break gave us space to process our situation.  For us that means taking time to go walk on the beach, having surf days on the weekend and spending time with friends and family. I feel like it has given us time to stop, look at each other and just smile.  It is extremely easy to take the gift we have in each other for granted. For me, this last month is always going to hold a special place in my heart as a time with just us before the baby.

Yet we say our relief is momentary because now we wait, pray and prepare.

Now we fundraise. So, far we have raised… wait for it… $20,000! TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! This is simply unreal. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the t-shirt campaigns, the family from Homes-for-good who donated a percentage of their commission for their home, Holly for throwing us a fundraising party, the adoption community, our church and our friends and family.  Many of you have stood beside us, asking for nothing in return. You have all been so supportive even before the adoption process began.  Ryan and I speak often about how the love and care of our community has mirrored the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives over the last 4 years. You have held our heads up when we have been weak, brought us flowers, just listened and mourned with us. Thank you is not enough. You are helping us bring a child home for good (or 2 or 3 kids). I am still throwing that out there in hopes that we get more than one 😊

We are still in the process of raising $25,000 more. I feel like we should be a little more worried, but we aren’t – it seems weir to me.  Yes, a miracle is needed. Yet, seeing what we have already seen gives us peace.  We are continuing to work as best we can by doing the following: applying for grants, t-shirt campaigns and holding an Instagram auction.  Still, we have peace through it all.  If you have any fundraising ideas, please let us know. We have a tax-deductible giving campaign open now as well as go-fund-me.

We’ll keep everyone updated with our fundraising opportunities.  For now, here are our donation pages.

Go Fund Me Page:

Adopt Together (Tax-Deductible)

With Love,

-Kim and Ryan


Crash & Rainbow

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetThe body is AMAZING. Have you ever heard of lactate threshold? This is the threshold of where your body mostly operates under. You can go above this threshold but, only for a short amount of time. After going over your threshold for too long your body crashes.

The only problem with the bodies amazing capacity for strength exertion is the CRASH. It is the worst. At one moment you feel invisible and then you realize again that you are human and are very weak. When I used to race in high school, I would sprint out in front of everyone. I had my glory for a few minutes while everyone was behind me. Like clockwork, suddenly something would happened and I had no control over my body and I slowed down.

All of that to say is that we are feeling the CRASH right now. We have been so amped up on adrenaline for the last 4 months. Now, it is as if we can’t take a step forward. Our legs are sluggish and are emotions are run raw.

The good news is that we are done with our Home Study and we are semi-active! This means that we have all of our documents in to be active so that we can get match with a baby. The only thing that we are waiting for is a clearance from Texas to be processed. Since it is the holidays we will most likely will not be matched in this time. If there aren’t many couples available for a certain case, our file might be pulled. If we do get matched we will make sure to let everyone know!

What do we do now? Honestly the biggest thing that we need is prayer. We have been praying for a family for five years. It is a tender subject in our home. A part of me doesn’t believe that this is happening. Feeling of frustration about how difficult starting a family has been have boiled up. Yet, at the same time we are thankful and expectant. Please pray for more patience and wisdom in this time.

Many of our friend have been inquiring about our fundraising. We have raised approximately $18,000! I cannot express how thankful that we are to everyone who has donated! These funds were raised by our Adoption Party, T-shirt fundraisers and private donations.

We still need to raise $28,000. This seems incredibly daunting but, I know that it is possible. We are filling out grants to help with the funds. Also, we just set up TAX DEDUCTIBLE giving site. It is called Adopt Together.

My parents took Ry and I on a short vacation. It was one of those weeks that are just good for the soul. We put our feet in the sand and dreamed about the future. One morning we woke up and out our window was a rainbow. It felt like promise. We have experienced some years of pain and now we are on the verge of a beautiful, messy, celebration.


Hearing from Kim

Hi Everyone,

You have all heard enough from me for the time being.  Kim is going to write a little about our story from her perspective.  Enjoy!

Like most couples who start the adoption process, we started this journey with no clue of how to begin or what to do. We took one step and day at a time. We are now finished with all of our documents for the home-study. Hallelujah! The stack of documents seemed insurmountable, but not for the Kent’s. Most of our “to-do” lists have been checked off, our i’s have been dotted and our t’s crossed. Now we get to settle in for the winter with our pumpkin spiced lattes and brisk sunset walks on the beach. While we wait to get that call that we have been praying for. The call to meet our child or children.

For those of you who don’t know our story, here is a little snapshot to how we arrived here. We have been married for almost six crazy years! I met a boy with coke bottle glasses and long, unruly hair at a Superbowl party who is now my husband. Sometimes I feel like I am living a dream. How did I get the chance to be with this guy who brings me coffee in bed? Thank the Lord we got married and we both gave each other a shot. There have been so many fun times that we’ve experienced over these last few years. At the same time we have been through some major tragedies. I would not want to go through this with anyone else.

Adoption has always been on our heart when dreaming about what our future family was going to look like. I remember every few months Ryan meeting someone who adopted or the conversation just starting up out of nowhere. When I look back it is like we were going around a merry-go-round. My biggest concern was that I wanted to adopt from a healthy place. After going through our last miscarriage, we realized that we are never going to be fully healthy. I remember Ryan looking at me and saying, “Kim, we are ready.” I am not going to say that I am not terrified because I am. At the same time I know that we are ready. In the areas that we are not ready, I believe that God will give us strength. From everything that we have gone through we have been prepared and molded for this moment.

A few weeks ago I was reached out to by Hannah with Kindred Co. She heard about our story from a friend and then asked if we wanted to be the featured family for the month of November. This means that the sales from their kids tee-shirts and onesies will go towards our adoption. I am thrilled to partner with them and their organization in connect families who have adopted.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Party Recap & Update

Hi Everyone, we had such a great time this last weekend at our fundraising party!  Kim and I felt so blessed and encouraged through it all – from wonderful people who basically put it all on (THANK YOU Holly and Ashley) to everyone there.

Just to recap the day, we had some really great silent auction gifts that included coffee gift packages, high quality sports equipment, restaurant gift cards, signed Yankee memorabilia, and a 7 day Hawaii hotel package!  Everyone was hoping for the Hawaii trip.  These gifts were all donated.


There were many ways that we felt blessed and encouraged by the day: We felt honored that people would take time out of their weekend to come both near and far.  There were many encouraging words shared with us, we raised approximately $2,700 through the event, and hands were laid on us while prayers were being said over us.


I must admit, I felt awkward about the whole thing being about us.  I realized that it really wasn’t just about us.  Instead, it was about the work that God is doing in us collectively, and it’s about the person whom we will eventually adopt.  In many ways this process has proved to be difficult thus far, but I can’t help but think how much the child we haven’t met yet is already so loved by so many people.

Home Study Update:

We are in the last steps of our Home Study documents.  In fact, we are sending in the final documents today, finishing up the 20-hour education part.  While we aren’t done with the whole Home Study process just yet, we are done with our portion of it.  Once the documents are all confirmed, we will meet with a social worker 3 times (1 being in our home) before our Home Study will be complete.  Now we can look toward our documents needed for FAC (Faithful Adoption Consultants) as well as getting an adoption profile set up.  You might be asking what an adoption profile is; let me explain.  It is a booklet type document about our family filled with pictures, and information about us.  This adoption profile is the basis by which birth mothers will decide whether they will choose us.

Once our Home Study process is complete and get the stamp of approval, we can then start applying for grants/loans (if needed) to help with the cost.  Basically, what I’m saying is that we are nearing the end of a HUGE milestone in the adoption process.  Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers thus far.

Until the next update,

Ryan and Kim

P.S. November is National Adoption Month!


Go Fund Me

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork


We are currently working through all our Home Study documents.  Here’s a glimpse of the documents we are required to send in: birth and marriage certificates (some of which needed to be notarized), criminal record checks, proof of vehicle ownership and insurance, CPR certifications, 4-6 page autobiographies (each), live scan checks, tax returns, rental payment stub, and more.  This is in addition to hours of educational classes and books we have yet to accomplish.  Overwhelmed yet?

Even though all the paper work is overwhelming, I haven’t felt that any of these were unnecessary.  There actually were a few tasks that we benefitted greatly from doing.  Two in particular: 1) There is a document that requires us to write in the names and organizations that we can look to for support after adoption.  2) We even had to put together an emergency plan.  To do this, we had to look the local contact information of emergency services, the fire department, police department, nearest insured hospital, etc.… We needed to draw a somewhat scaled floor plan of our apartment and the apartment complex as well as write down a few names and addresses of locations we would meet up in the case of emergencies.  These are things that I otherwise wouldn’t really think of, and I personally benefitted greatly from having to do it.  Plus, I had fun drawing…

How do we feel?

Our emotions seem to ebb and flow at times.  It’s easy to get lost in all the details and we both have to point each other’s gaze forward at times.  It’s great to see our individual strengths show as we tackle all the tasks and I believe we’re a great team!  Dividing up the responsibilities has really helped break down the how overwhelming all the paper work is.  Again, we are taking baby steps in this process.  I’ve appreciated Kim’s even more through all of this, and I’m pretty sure she feels the same way about me (obviously).  Still, getting all of this done feels like a part-time job, so Kim and I have had to be more intentional about setting all of this aside to enjoy each other.  We’ve had a couple of weddings to attend that have given us excuses to dress up and enjoy each other; and we got away yesterday for a little Spiritual Retreat in the morning.

We’re CPR certified!  All we had to do was watch the video below.

Just kidding, that was just for fun.  I actually messed up and only got the Adult First Aid and CPR/AED training, so we had to go back and get the pediatric certificate as well.

Next Steps

We are about 90% finished with all of our Nightlight Home Study paperwork.  We are getting our physicals all done on Monday (TB test and all), and will start diving into the educational classes and books next while starting on the needed FAC documents.


We are working on many different and creative was to fundraise.

Fundraising Party

  • Please join us for our adoption awareness party TODAY from 1-5 pm. It’s $10 admission and all the proceeds will go towards our adoption.  It’s a great opportunity for us to get face time with you all and there will be some great silent auction items.

Social Media Silent Auction

  • We’ve had some amazing people helping us fundraise, one in particular – Holly Morell! She’s connected us with great people who want to help us by acquiring awesome, rare items to auction through social media.


  • We’ve designed an adoption T through custom ink. I wanted to design something simple, yet clear in content; something that I personally would want to wear.
  • I like T-shirts because they are expressive. You don’t usually buy T-shirts that from companies that you’re not supportive of nor do you buy T-shirts from companies that aren’t part of your style.  Many wear T-shirts with company branding on a normal basis.  The T-shirts are constant reminders, and they are great conversation starters in helping to spread the word about adoption.

Go Fund Me

T-Shirt Fundraiser Campaign

Hi Everyone,

We are in full fundraising mode and one of the ways we’re choosing to fundraising is through t-shirt sales.  While t-shirt fundraisers don’t raise as much money as other fundraisers, we really like t-shirt fundraisers because the t-shirt is something tangible that people receive from supporting our goal of adoption.  When people wear it or see it, it’s a constant reminder to think of us and pray for us.  Plus, we personally made put the design together and really like it.


adoption T.jpg


Buy a t-shirt: 

Go Fund Me:


Baby Steps

Hi Everyone!

Baby steps… that’s our motto right now.  We’re taking baby steps towards our journey towards adoption.  We decided to start a blog to help keep everyone updated as to where we are at in the adoption process.  So far, the process has been fairly smooth – as smooth as it can be.  We were accepted by FAC (Faithful Adoption Consultants) to match us with birth parents/children and Nightlight Christian Adoptions to get our home study done.  We’ve officially signed the contracts for each agency.

The process is filled with a ton of paper work.  We had to send in applications for each agency, and then send in a contract once we were accepted.  We are now in the process of getting our home study done.  We need to get a CPR certification, lives scans, autobiographies, physicals, financial statements, and a whole lot more.  But we are doing it!  It gets more and more real as we complete each little task.  We’re taking baby steps towards our baby.


We are now in the full swing of things with filling out all the paperwork and fundraising.  We’ve raised about $12,000 of our $45,000 goal thus far!!  Thank you so much to everyone who has joined us through prayer, kind words and financial support!  We are constantly being humbled by the generosity of everyone who has supported us thus far.  We want to be transparent with where the funds are going.  This past week, we sent the $4,000 fee to FAC and made the first payment of $1,000 to Nightlight Christian Adoptions to get our home study started.

We ask you to consider joining us in our journey towards adoption through prayer, financial support, and helping us get the word out.

Story Time

We were referred to a program called “Homes for Good” by a friend.  The program works with real estate agents and allows for people who are selling their homes to give a percentage of their sale to adoptive families.  We applied for the program and once the sellers saw our video, they chose us!  We couldn’t believe it!  Also, once we complete the adoption process and have our new family member, the program will bless us by taking photos of our new family!


We are having a fundraising event happening on November 4th from 1-5 pm at the Common Ground.  Please Join us!

Baby Kent Fundraising Party


Go Fund Me: